Ron Washington and an Open House

Ron Washington has made some headlines in the past week, and it is of interest to this blog for no other reason than the fact that Washington played for the Twins from 1981-1986.  He was mostly a shortstop for the Twins. His busiest season was 1982 when in 470 plate appearances he hit .271/.291/.368. He ultimately lost the starting job to Houston Jiminez in 1984. Washington continued to play utility infielder behind Jiminez and later Greg Gagne. He may have missed his chance to be a permanent part of Twins fans’ memory when he was released by the team just prior to the start of the 1987 World Championship season. Washington likely became expendable when the Twins traded for Al Newman earlier that spring.

UPDATE: Now Washington is admitting to use of both amphetamines and marijuana during his playing days. The plot thickens…

In happier news, this weekend I will get my first look at Target Field during and open house for season ticket holders. Pictures and a full report will be posted on Monday.

Maybe there will be an announcement about a certain catcher signing to make the weekend even better.


One Response to Ron Washington and an Open House

  1. Indeed, a signing would be fantastic, Scot. Looking forward to your pictures of the park. Great to see you posting, quite the flurry of activity from you of late. Thanks!

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