An Excuse and a Link

I’ve been buried in the final stages of editing my thesis this weekend, so my creativity is somewhat spent. I should have something new tomorrow. In the meantime, here is a link to Mark Hornbaker’s Q & A with George Case III, son of Nats’ outfielder George Case.

A couple of interesting tidbits:

5. Was your father excited when he was traded back to Washington on March 4, 1947?

Again, I was only 6 but I do remember seeing a letter from Clark Griffith saying “George, I’m bringing you back home.” My dad had been injured most of the year in Cleveland and he was only 31 years old in 1947 but I think he and Mr. Griffith knew that it was just about the end of my dad’s playing career – he wanted to try playing again in 1948 after an operation on his shoulder at Johns Hopkins but the injury and a bad back would result in his retiring from the game he loved. I do think he was very grateful to Mr. Griffith for bringing him back to Washington for what would turn out to be his final season.


7. Do you have any other facts about your father you want to share with the readers?

My dad also was timed in 1943 for circling the bases in 13.5 seconds – that was really a record although Evar Swanson was credited with circling the bases in 13.2 seconds from a running start – my dad’s record time was from a standing start at home plate.

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