Rod Carew and Delmon Young: A 3-year-old’s Favorite Players

Recently, as I was watching Olympic curling, my oldest asked me “when do we watch baseball?” I replied that baseball will be back soon.

“Yay! – Joe Mauer and Rod Carew and Delmon Young! Go Twins!”

A little back story on my son’s three favorite Twins. The first is, of course, a no-brainer. He wants to be the catcher like Joe Mauer (Daddy gets to be the pitcher).

He has a more complex love of Rod Carew and Delmon Young. As soon as he was able to walk he took an interest in the Twins bobble head collection on display in the basement. He could enjoy them on a “look but don’t touch” basis. His favorite was probably Doug Mientkiewicz (because of the bubble gum). Before too long, “look but don’t touch” wasn’t cutting it anymore, so Daddy did what any good Daddy would do – I gave him two of the doubles I had to have for his own. I have a pair of Rod Carews, and the Twins give Delmon Young dolls away like candy, so I didn’t have too much trouble parting with him.

For a while, he carried Rod and Delmon with him around the house. He learned the names, and started asking if Rod Carew and Delmon Young were playing everytime baseball was on the television (imagine his excitement when I was watching an old All-Star game on MLB Network in which Rod Carew was actually participating).

Rod and Delmon have sat quietly on his bookshelf since the baseball season ended last fall, but perhaps sensing spring is around the corner, he stopped playing with his legos yesterday, looked at me and said “I’ll get Rod Carew and Delmon Young.” He returned from his room moments later with two of his favorite players, plopped them on the coffee table next to him, and went about the business of building lego cars with the smiling bobble heads looking on.

If you happen to be at Target Field this summer, and hear a little guy screaming for Rod Carew and Delmon Young (pronounced more like Delmonyoung – all one word) – that would be my son. Hopefully, he will remember to boo the Yankees as well.


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