The Franchise 1980 (Part 2)

Roster/Stats (Pitchers)
Bold = Player new to Minnesota in 1980

SP Jerry Koosman 16-13 4.03 ERA 108 ERA+ 1.32 WHIP 3.72 FIP 1.2 PW 16 WS 3.5 WARP3
Koosman was not able to match the success of his first season with the Twins, but he was still a solid starter for the team in 1980, leading the Twins in innings pitched with 243.1. The highlight of his season might have been a 10-inning complete game victory over the Yankees on July 30.

SP Geoff Zahn 14-18 4.41 ERA 99 ERA+ 1.46 WHIP 3.75 FIP -0.5 PW 11 WS 1.0 WARP3
After two very good seasons, Zahn had his worst season since 1977. There were still some bright spots for Zahn, including a near miss in an effort to no-hit the Blue Jays. He still managed to get some interest on the free agent market after the season, and signed with the California Angels, where he would finish his career as a member of a winning team, including an appearance in the 1982 ALCS against the Milwaukee Brewers.

SP Roger Erickson 7-13 3.25 ERA 135 ERA+ 1.33 WHIP 3.56 FIP 2.0 PW 14 WS 3.6 WARP3
1980 is often characterized as another losing season for Erickson. His record didn’t look great, but the rest of his numbers made 1980 the best season of his career, including his 14-13 rookie campaign. Erickson’s hard luck in 1980 was evidenced by the fact that the Twins’ offense scored two or fewer runs in 12 of his 13 losses.

SP Darrell Jackson 9-9 3.87 ERA 113 ERA+ 1.34 WHIP 4.08 FIP 1.0 PW 12 WS 2.6 WARP3
Jackson’s busiest season in baseball was followed by two that were cut short by injuries and chemical dependency problems. He was out of baseball by the age of 27.

SP Pete Redfern 7-7 4.56 ERA 93 ERA+ 1.40 WHIP 3.67 FIP -0.2 PW 6 WS 0.7 WARP3
After a fairly successful season coming out of the bullpen, the Twins moved Redfern back to the starting rotation in 1980. Two years after injury ate up most of his season, Redfern got off to a great start, going 3-1 with a 1.46 ERA in five starts during the month of April, but wore down as the season progressed.

CL Doug Corbett 8-6 1.98 ERA 220 ERA+ 1.06 WHIP 3.06 FIP 4.8 PW 24 WS 6.9 WARP3
Corbett was initially signed by the Kansas City Royals, released, then signed by Cincinnati. The Twins grabbed him as a Rule V pick in 1979. It turned out to be a very good acquisition for the Twins. Corbett quickly replaced Mike Marshall as the go-to reliever in the bullpen, and set AL rookie marks for appearances (73) and saves (23). Corbett’s 1980 season stands as one best in franchise history.

RP John Verhoeven 3-4 3.97 ERA 110 ERA+ 1.39 WHIP 4.18 FIP 0.2 PW 5 WS 0.9 WARP3
Verhoeven had played a handful of games for the Angels in 1976 and 1977, but saw the most action of his career in middle relief for the Twins in 1980. Verhoeven perhaps provided more relief for Corbett than he did for the Twins’ starters. After Corbett’s 136.1 innings pitched out of the pen, Verhoeven was next with 99.2. The number drops significantly after the top two, who really were the Twins bullpen in 1980.

RP Albert Williams 6-2 3.51 ERA 125 ERA+ 1.35 WHIP 4.53 FIP 0.7 PW 7 WS 1.4 WARP3
The rookie was called on to start a few games as well.


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