Jim Thome

Jim Thome made his major league debut in a game at the Metrodome on September 4, 1991. After a strike out in his first at-bat, Thome singled to lead off the 4th inning, eventually scoring on an Alex Cole base hit. His second major league hit was an RBI single in the top of the 8th inning.

In his second game against the Twins, on July 23, 1992, Thome hit his third career home run, the first of 57 to date against the Minnesota Twins (28 of which came at the Metrodome). The number also includes a heartbreaker that ended the Twins’ season in 2008.

The point: Thome will not hit a home run against the Twins for the time being. Any offensive production he manages at the age of 39 will be gravy compared with the headaches the Twins will avoid by having Thome in the home clubhouse at Target Field.

One more interesting tidbit from Thome’s B-R page: according to Bill James’ formula for similarity scores, Thome’s number one match is another name familiar to the Twins – Harmon Killebrew.


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