“But it’s not wintering out yet”

That is what my son said in protest when told that he must wear his winter coat on Wednesday. He went on to get a harsher sign of the season later in the day when he picked up the influenza-like illness that has been going around.

The final reminder of the season happens this weekend, however, as baseball’s regular season wraps up. It also happens to be the final games played at the Metrodome. With a forecast calling for cool and rainy, the utility of the building might be on display one last time, but I don’t suspect there will be many tears shed when the Hump closes its doors for baseball.

It is, at least, a meaningful series, at least on paper. The Twins have done enough to be mathematically alive for the Division title, though I fully expect that will change by the time I go to the game on Sunday afternoon. Still, it is more than was expected a few weeks ago, and it has been fun to follow the team and scoreboard watch for the past few weeks.

I will file a report from the last game sometime next week. In the meantime, here’s another list of top Metrodome moments (with what is easily one of the worst pictures I have ever seen).


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