2006: Division Champs

This was originally posted on October 2, 2006.


9/25 def kc.gif 8-1
9/26 def kc.gif 3-2
9/27 lost to kc.gif 4-6
9/28 def kc.gif 2-1
9/29 lost to cha.gif 3-4
9/30 lost to cha.gif3-6
10/1 def cha.gif5-1

Weekly Totals 4-3 28 RS 21 RA

In the fall of 1987, I was all of nine years old, and so excited about the Twins division title that I wanted my parents to buy me a “Division Champions” sweatshirt. My mother talked me out of it, suggesting that I might regret having a shirt that only said “Division Champions” after the team won the World Series. The next few weeks were rough at school, seeing that just about everybody else had Twins shirts, but I was confident that I would own an even better prize before the month of October was over.

And so it is today, 19 years later. I will not be purchasing any Division Championship merchandise. Nope, I want my son’s onesie to proudly say “World Series Champions”.

It took a little help from the Royals, but the Twins became the only team in history to take sole possession of first place for the first time after the final game of the season.

I will post the final regular season stats and preview the playoffs tomorrow. Today, however, Minnesota celebrates.

Final AL Central Standings
min.gif96-66 801 RS 683 RA –
det.gif95-67 822 RS 675 RA 1.0 GB
cha.gif90-72 868 RS 794 RA 6.0 GB
cle.gif78-84 870 RS 782 RA 18.0 GB
kc.gif62-100 757 RS 971 RA 34.0 GB

Oh, I almost forgot:
Final MLB Batting Stats
1. Joe Mauer, MIN .347
2. Freddy Sanchez, PIT .344
3. Derek Jeter, NYY .343
4. Robinson Cano, NYY .342


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