Everything but baseball

I was actually okay with the Twins fading from the pennant race. I wasn’t actively rooting for them to fail, just simply acknowledging the fact that a pennant run and baseball playoffs would be far down on my list of priorities this fall.

Life is changing at my house, for the better, but at this moment the change is not coming without its growing pains. I started a new job in September, teaching at a junior high – my first real, full time job in almost a year and a half. Though the bulk of school is over, I still have a thesis to write, to be completed by December. On top of all of that we are happily expecting a new Twins fan at the end of next month. All we know is that he is a boy and he hiccups a lot (and that, based on the first child, he might be here any day now).

Add all of that together and life has become a little full.

I had considered offering the obligatory farewell and “I don’t get paid to blog and something has gotta give” post a few times over the last month, but ultimately decided that I like research and writing too much to just quit. Posts may be a bit more sporadic here, but I intend to keep CW running with at least a few original posts a week. There will likely be an extended break towards the end of October, filled no doubt with pictures of the future battery (the 2 1/2 year old has already shown a preference towards catching, so hopefully the younger one is a lefty), but overall I intend to plow forward.

Even with everything going on, however, I still would manage to find time for playoff run. Just sayin…


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