Top 10 Lists

Let the Metrodome nostalgia begin.

Chris Jaffe at Hardball Times started the week with “The 10 greatest games in Metrodome history.” The top two are probably no-brainers, but plenty of room to debate on the list.

Jaffe’s list places a high premium on drama and game quality, so you won’t find the September 27, 1987 game in which the Twins clinched a tie for their first division title in almost two decades.

The only glaring omission in my opinion is Johan Santana’s 17-K game against the Rangers in 2007. I might also include this game from 1991 which included a late comeback against a dominant closer in the thick of a pennant race. (I should note that I attended both of these games and still have the scorecards, so they are on top of my somewhat-biased list).

Brian Pietzrak has put together another similar list over at (here is part two). This one seems to place less weight on game quality (#10 is the 11-7 loss the Twins took in the Metrodome opener), and includes the 1987 game referenced above.

Of course, the Twins continue their top 100 Metrodome Moments, which includes some of the more ridiculous moments in Metrodome history (roof collapsing, dome-rule double, etc).


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