It’s a Crazy Game

I didn’t really think of the Twins as contenders until Tuesday night. I kept an eye on the games, mostly the Joe Mauer at-bats, but didn’t consider this to be a playoff year. It is not as though I didn’t care, I just was enjoying the Twins games for what they were: late season games with little meaning in terms of postseason. An interesting team to watch that had no future past the very beginning of October.

That all changed when Jose Morales hit the soft liner to right-center field to win a game against the White Sox that a non-playoff team would lose – a game that saw the Twins lose a two-run, eighth inning lead only to come back an win it in the ninth. I cared again.

That is what made Wednesday afternoon’s game even that much more difficult to stomach. Winning two out of three from the White Sox is good, but a sweep would have been great. What’s more, the way they lost was even heart-breaking to me as I watched it only as a line score on a laptop during a training at work.  The pictures from the afternoon were even harder to stomach.

I guess this is the fun of following a contending team in September.


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