1923: Squire Potter’s Cup of Coffee

Tuesday August 7, 1923

In the midst of Cleveland’s 22-2 victory over Washington, the Nats sent a 21-year-old rookie to the mound. Squire Potter, a right handed pitcher out of Flatwoods, Kentucky, came into a 13-1 game in the seventh inning. For those Nats fans who were watching and thinking “this can’t get any worse,” it did.

Potter walked the first two batters he faced on eight pitches, and the downhill slide continued. By the time the game (mercifully) ended, Potter had allowed nine runs on 11 hits. Though his team somehow managed to record nine outs with Potter on the mound, only five were to Potter’s credit. Three Indians players were caught attempting to steal second base, while one was retired in an attempt to stretch a single to a double. Without the help from the baserunners, Potter may still be on the mound at this moment.

In a footnote, Squire was not the only Potter to grace a major league mound. His younger brother Dykes pitched two innings for the Dodgers in 1938. He was somewhat more successful than his brother, allowing a single run in his appearance, but ended up one inning shy of his brother in terms of career length.


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