1932: Harris Ruins Perfect Game

Friday August 5, 1932

DETROIT, Aug 5 (AP) – Dave Harris, utility outfielder of the Washington Senators, blasted the hopes of Tommy Bridges, Detroit right-handed hurler, for a perfect game today after Bridges had retired twenty-six men in order.

With two out in the ninth and the score 13-to-0, manager Walter Johnson sent Harris to bat for the pitcher Bob Burke. The crowd of 8,000 that had watched Bridges pitch a no-hit, no-walk, no-run game for eight and two-thirds innings, sat in tense silence.

Harris hit the first pitched ball into left field for a clean single and became the first Washington man to reach first base. Then Rice came to bat and hit to First Baseman Davis, who threw to Bridges for the putout. It was a slam-bang victory for Detroit, but a heart-breaker for Bridges.

Bridges struck out seven in the effort. The AP article noted that seven balls reached the outfield, but only one reached the level of difficult, while just about every ball hit to the infielders were “hit directly to the infielder.”

According to baseballlibrary.com, a no-hitter had not been broken up with two outs in the ninth since 1908. The next time it will happen will be in 1958.


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