1914: A Riot in Detroit

Thursday July 30, 1914

From the New York Times:


Washington Players in Fight with Umpire Sheridan and Spectators

DETROIT, July 30 – One of the most disorderly scenes ever witnessed on the local ball field was enacted during the ninth inning of today’s game between Washington and Detroit, which the home club won, 3 to 2, in the 10th inning.

The trouble started when Morgan was called out at first base by Umpire Sheridan. In recovering himself from a slide he started toward the umpire. Sheridan struck Morgan and several Washington players joined in the combat.

Catcher Ainsmith was said to have struck Sheridan, who was held by several players from both teams. Sheridan ordered Ainsmith and Morgan off the field, and as the two players were passing the grandstand a spectator added something which Ainsmith resented. He jumped into the stand and blows were exchanged. Catcher Henry attempted to pull Ainsmith from the stand and a chair thrown by a spectator struck Henry on the head.

It took police reserves some time to calm things down, particularly after the spectators began charging onto the field. Order was eventually restored and the game resumed.


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