On the Yankees

There are very few moments that involve the Yankees among my fondest Metrodome memories. I say this as someone who loves baseball in all of its forma, but I find most games that involve the Yankees to be virtually unwatchable. Sure, the New York dominance over the Twins doesn’t help, but there is something more that turns me off to the Yankee brand of baseball.

Beyond being a collection of overpaid players, the Yankees seem to be masters of making the game more tedious. The hitters take just a little bit longer to indulge in the pre-pitch rituals, the pitchers take just a bit longer to deliver the ball, and nothing grinds a game to a screeching halt like several trips to the mound by Yankee catchers, coaches, and managers, all designed to give Mariano Rivera more time to prepare himself in the bullpen.

Last night’s official time of game was 3 hours, but it felt a lot longer than that. Again, I will freely admit that part of the reason for my complaints was the outcome of the game, but part of it was that the most interesting part of the game to me (and my son) during the middle innings was the Happy Birthday balloon that was quietly floating around the Metrodome. For the record, it did seem to move towards the outfield when the Twins were batting.

Here’s to hoping that Target Field will be much less kind to the Yankees than the Metrodome has been (and here’s to wishing that I could have been sitting outside watching the game rather than in the Metrodome last night).


2 Responses to On the Yankees

  1. spycake says:

    The Twins pitchers (namely, starters) didn’t help matters either. Even if they aren’t getting shelled, they just can’t seem to throw strikes and keep Yankees off the bases. Maybe we should have done one of those “bullpen games” like than Yankees did Thursday…

    I also enjoyed watching the balloon — I first saw it in right field, but I eventually lost track of it over the Yankees dugout.

  2. Scot says:

    The balloon was commandeered by someone in the upper deck above the Twins’ dugout in about the fifth inning.

    Sad that I know that, but the two year old wanted constant updates.

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