1945: A Long Day of Baseball

Friday June 15, 1945

The Boston Red Sox and Washington Senators had a double header scheduled for Friday June 15, but the fans at Griffith Stadium that day/night saw the equivalent of almost three full games.

Red Sox pitcher Dave Ferriss pitched a 14-inning complete game that was finally won when right fielder John Lazor’s single scored George Metkovich from third base. Lazor, a back up outfielder who started the game due to Pete Fox’s tooth extraction, had four hits in the 6-5 Sox victory.

First baseman Joe Kuhel was 4-for-5 for the Nats, who took an early 5-0 lead only to watch the Sox tie the game with a five-run top of the seventh. The game lasted three hours and 25 minutes according to the box score in the New York Times.

The two teams played 13 innings in the second game before running into the league’s curfew rule. The Nats led the game 4-2 heading into the top of the ninth, only to watch the Sox come back and tie the game with two runs. No AL game was allowed to start an inning after 12:50 AM, so when the 13th inning closed with the score still 4-4, the game was called.

It is the first recorded major league game to last past midnight.


2 Responses to 1945: A Long Day of Baseball

  1. Beau says:

    I suppose I could look it up, but was it a tie? Or did they resume it later?

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