Cycling Again

I, like many, had long checked out of the broadcast of the Twins’ game Friday night by the time Jason Kubel completed the cycle by hitting a grand slam, the shot that ended up being the game-winner. That’ll teach me.

Someday I may try and graph some of the other cycles, but based on the, last night’s game was an instance of a player single-handedly winning a game.

Here is an updated list of players who have hit for the cycle in franchise history:

Otis Clymer – 10/2/1908
Goose Goslin – 8/28/1924
Joe Cronin
– 9/2/1929
Mickey Vernon – 5/19/1946
Rod Carew5/20/1970
Cesar Tovar9/19/1972
Larry Hisle6/4/1976
Lyman Bostock7/24/1976
Mike Cubbage7/27/1978
Gary Ward9/18/1980
Kirby Puckett8/1/1986
Carlos Gomez5/7/2008
Jason Kubel4/17/2009


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