1958: Ted Williams bat-throwing incident

September 21, 1958

From Hy Hurwitz’ report of the September 21 Red Sox-Senators game in TSN:

Ted Williams’ often-fiery temper boiled up again here at Fenway Park on September 21.

The Red Sox slugger became terribly distressed when he saw that the bat he had flipped away, after being called out on strikes, sail into a front-row box seat and strike 60-year-old Mrs. Gladys Heffernan, housekeeper for Red Sox general manager Joe Cronin.

Cronin, of course, had some ties with Washington.

Fortunately, Mrs. Heffernan wasn’t seriously injured. She suffered a contusion of the left forehead and was hospitalized for one night as a precautionary measure. Mrs. Heffernan obsolved Williams of any blame, maintaining it was an “accident.”

Williams was very apologetic. The report was that there were tears in his eyes when he went to talk to Mrs. Heffernan shortly after the incident. I’m not sure if he would get by without a lawsuit of some sort had this happened in 2008.

For the Senators, the incident was a welcome headline-grabber from the reality of the series they just finished. The 2-0 Red Sox win in the bat-throwing game was the final of a three-game series between the teams in which the Senators were shut out by a 2-0 score in each game.


One Response to 1958: Ted Williams bat-throwing incident

  1. charles andreades says:

    I was at this game
    sitting right behind home plate saw play clearly

    clint courney was washington catcher
    and a rookie named harmon kilabrew playing 3rd

    I was 12 at the time

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