The All-Franchise Team 1961-1970

Few surprises from the first decade in Minnesota.

C Earl Battey (1961-1967) 32.4 WARP3
Battey was the “iron man” for the Twins through most of the decade. He remains the top catcher in franchise history, though some kid named Mauer will probably take that title in a few years.

1B Harmon Killebrew (1961-1970) 67.8 WARP3
The only decision to make with regards to Killebrew and this team was at which position he would play. He played more games at first base in the decade. Besides, if I put Killer at third base than I have to choose from Vic Power, Don Mincher, Bob Allison, and Rich Reese to fill first base – I like the other options at third better.

2B Rod Carew (1967-1970) 18.4 WARP3
The Twins had a rough time getting production from second base until Carew came along in 1970. This, of course, was just the beginning.

SS Zoilo Versalles (1961-1967) 36.1 WARP3
The Twins had a good decade at shortstop with Leo Cardenas taking over for the latter part of the decade.

3B Rich Rollins (1961-1968) 18.7 WARP3
The other option here would have been Killebrew, but I put him at first base.

LF Bob Allison (1961-1970) 46.5 WARP3
Again, Killebrew was an option here but Allison was the easy choice among the rest of the left fielders.

CF Jimmie Hall (1963-1966) 19.6 WARP3
Hall’s time with the Twins was short, but he made enough of an impact to beat out Lenny Green and Ted Uhlaender for the center field position.

RF Tony Oliva (1962-1970) 54.9 WARP3
This turned out to be Oliva’s prime. He hung around until the mid-1970’s but his production was way down due to injuries.

SP Jim Kaat (1961-1970) 56.9 WARP3
SP Camilo Pascual (1961-1966) 34.2 WARP3
SP Jim Perry (1963-1970) 40.1 WARP3
SP Mudcat Grant (1964-1967) 13.4 WARP3
The top three were easy choices. Other options for the fourth spot include Dave Boswell, Dean Chance, Jim Merritt, and Dick Stigman.

RP Al Worthington (1964-1969) 24.7 WARP3
What is perhaps most remarkable about Worthington’s run as the Twins’ closer was that he put up such great numbers between the ages of 35 and 40.


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