1969: Jim Perry wins two games in one day

July 20, 1969

The Twins and the Seattle Pilots played 16 innings the night before, but were still unable to decide the matter. The game was suspended due to AL curfew after with the score 7-7.

The two teams took the field the next day in Seattle to decide the previous night’s game prior to the regularly scheduled game. Both teams sent their scheduled starters for the day to the mound to complete the game. The Twins had Jim Perry, who was 9-4 with a 3.33 ERA, against Seattle’s John Gelnar.

After a scoreless 17th, the Twins broke the game open with a four-run 18th inning. The winning run was scored by Perry, who had doubled earlier in the inning. He pitched two perfect innings with two strikeouts to earn the victory in the game of July 19th that was completed on the 20th.

Also of note in that game was the major league record (since broken) 44 combined runners stranded (23 by the Twins, 21 by the Pilots).

With only two innings pitched a piece, both starters took the hill for the scheduled game of July 20. Once again the Twins scored four runs for Perry, who shut out the Pilots in a complete game victory. He allowed nine hits, but was able to strand eight runners (one was retired on a double play). Perry, of course, earned his second victory of the day to improve his record to 11-4.

Gelnar has the more dubious distinction of losing two games in the same day. His record dropped to 2-7.


2 Responses to 1969: Jim Perry wins two games in one day

  1. Beau says:

    Do you know if any games in the last ten to twenty years have been postponed due to it just running too long?

  2. Scot says:

    I’m guessing that there have been games stopped due to curfew, but a quick google search turned up no evidence.

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