Back to Normal (Hopefully)

An attempt to sum up the events of the last few months of my life would be futile, but “complicated” would be the best word to describe it. I don’t want to bore anybody with all of the details, but it is safe to say that during that time, my wife and I have seen and felt just about every range of emotion, probably shared by my almost 18-month-old son. To pile on I am in the midst of the busiest couple of weeks I can remember (thanks to Beau for keeping content fresh on the site for the last couple of weeks – glad to see the Twins pulled out the win in his ’88 ALCS replay).

With the light at the end of the tunnel very close now, I did have a chance to get out to the ballpark this weekend in hopes of escaping. Unfortunately, my ticket was for Saturday night, and I didn’t really see anything worth escaping to. Go figure – the Twins have lost a single game over the past two weeks and I was there for just about the entire sad affair.

There was some redemption to be had on Sunday afternoon when I had the rare opportunity to watch an entire game from the comfort of my basement. A nice pitching performance by Kevin Slowey and a home run off Delmon’s bat made for an entertaining afternoon – and almost made up for the Saturday night debacle.

The Twins have still won 11 out of their last 12 games. The realist inside me says this won’t last, that this team is not that good. Based on their Pythagorean projection the Twins should be just hovering around the .500 mark with Detroit and Cleveland (the tribe is severely under performing their expectations), five or six games out of first place. Instead they are right on the heels of an imperfect White Sox team with some distance between themselves and the third through fifth place teams in the AL Central.

Hopefully this team will be worth following through the second half of the season, but if they aren’t there is plenty of franchise history to cover. Posting should be back on a regular schedule this week, and I should have the 1968 season written up and ready to go for the early part of next week.

Unfortunately there won’t be a SABR write up this year due to my crazy schedule over the past month. I’ll add links here if I find any good reviews of the weekend conference in Cleveland – mainly to make myself feel better. Don’t worry, however. It would take some kind of epic disaster to make me miss SABR 39 in Washington DC next summer.

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