1984: Roger Clemens’ First ML Win

Sunday May 20, 1984

Young Roger Clemens was the second player from the 1983 draft to make the major leagues when he made his first start on May 15 (Jeff Robinson of the Giants beat him to the punch by about a month). Clemens struggled a bit in his first outing, but managed to leave with a no-decision in the Red Sox loss to Cleveland. He made his second start in the Metrodome five days later against the 21-19 Minnesota Twins.

Clemens pitched seven innings that day. Though he allowed his first major league home run off the bat of Tom Brunansky in the sixth inning, overall it was a good day for the young pitcher. He allowed four runs on seven hits and struck out seven to just a single walk to earn his first major league victory. The Red Sox got a pair of RBI from Rich Gedman and Jim Rice, and scored all five of their runs in the first 4 1/3 innings off of John Butcher.


Clemens also earned career victory number 350 against the Twins 23 years later on July 2, 2007.

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