1965 World Series Game 5

Monday October 11, 1965
Dodger Stadium

Like Drysdale the day before, Sandy Koufax came into Game 5 with something to prove. A motivated Koufax was never a good sign for the other team, and in this case the game seemed to be over before it started, a 7-0 victory for the Dodgers that put them one game away from putting the Twins away.

Koufax allowed only four hits over the course of nine innings. The Sporting News characterized only one of the Twins’ hits as “a solid, clean blow.” He walked one batter and struck out 10 to put the Twins on the brink of elimination.

The Dodgers scored twice in the first frame off of Jim Kaat, powered by Maury Wills’ lead off double and helped by another error charged to second baseman Frank Quilici. Though there were eight innings left to play, there seemed to be a sense among all involved that the two would be enough the way Koufax had looked in the top of the first inning.

The Dodgers added runs throughout the afternoon off of several Twins pitchers. When the day was done, Los Angeles had totaled 14 hits and three walks. Since scoring only three runs in the first two games at the Met, the Dodgers had put 18 runs on the board in what was considered a pitcher’s park in Los Angeles.

On their way to the third straight win over the Twins, the Dodgers had tied three series records. Wille Davis stole three bases in Game 5, perhaps taking advantage of catcher Earl Battey’s injuries from earlier in the series. That tied the mark set by Honus Wagner in 1909.

Maury Wills tied the other two records. He collected four hits and started three double plays in the field.

The only solace for the Twins and their fans was that the series was moving back to Bloomington for Games 6 and 7, both now must wins for the home team.



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