1988: The Twins help the Orioles set a dubious record

Originally posted October 25, 2007

Thursday April 28, 1988

The Twins helped the Orioles make history when they completed the three-game sweep at Metrodome. It was the Orioles 21st consecutive loss, a new American League record.

It has come to this: The Baltimore Orioles lost their 21st game of the season Thursday, losing to the Portland Beavers 4-2.

OK, OK, Kent Hrbek hit a home run and Tom Herr made a couple of nice plays at second base. But the guys who did the real damage to the Fighting O’s on Thursday were Allan Anderson, Mark Portugal and John Moses – three guys called up this week from Class AAA Portland. “The Portland connection, the Beaver connection,” said Anderson, the starter and winner for the Twins. “That’s something.”

Something else, really, when considering that Portugal stepped off the plane, arrived at the park in time for the fourth inning, walked into the dugout, loosened up and blew it past those Fighting O’s for 2 2/3 innings.

-Tom Powers, Pioneer Press 4/29/1988

For the third straight game, the Orioles scored in the first inning, and for the third straight game they ultimately fell to a Twins team that had its own problems, led by Kent Hrbek, a player who until recently had his own problems.

This may have been the biggest series of the year for the Twins, and it certainly had a unique pressure to it. The sweep helped the Twins to get out of the AL West cellar.

The Twins will head to Boston for a three-game weekend series, while the Orioles will take the big story of the early baseball season to Chicago, where the pressure will be on the White Sox to avoid being the first team to lose to the O’s.


Player of the Game
Kent Hrbek 3-for-3, HR 2 RBI

Team Name                        G    W    L    T   PCT    GB    RS   RA
Oakland Athletics               22   15    7    0  .682     -   124   97
Kansas City Royals              20   11    9    0  .550   3.0    94   86
Chicago White Sox               19   10    9    0  .526   3.5    88   78
Seattle Mariners                22   10   12    0  .455   5.0    98  118
Minnesota Twins                 19    8   11    0  .421   5.5    80  117
Texas Rangers                   19    8   11    0  .421   5.5    47   66
California Angels               21    8   13    0  .381   6.5   103  115

Ed.: The Orioles won the next day at Chicago, 9-0. 

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