Game 153: Minnesota Twins (83-69) @ California Angels (75-78)

Thursday September 22, 1988

Tom Powers summed up Allan Anderson’s season so far in his game story:

Thursday night at Anaheim Stadium, Allan Anderson won his 15th game of the season – a remarkable feat for several reasons. First, he began the season in Class AAA Portland. Second, Anderson had never shown an inclination toward being an excellent pitcher. He was always just sort of there.

Anderson and the Twins beat the Angels 6-2 on Thursday to snap a four-game losing streak.

“That’s the first time I’ve ever won 15, that’s for sure,” Anderson said. “I won 12 in A-ball one year.”

“Fifteen wins for the kid, that’s a hell of a year,” manager Tom Kelly said. “He pitched really good out there tonight. And he’s got one, maybe two more times to get out there again.”

The Twins scored all the runs that Anderson would need in a three-run third inning. With Terry Clark on the mound, the makeshift Twins’ lineup managed five singles, a walk, and a sacrifice fly to put together the scoring. The offense wasn’t terribly efficient, as Powers noted:

The Twins were finding so many holes that it didn’t seem to matter they were wasting so many of their singles. And they were wasting quite a few. At one point, they had five runs and 14 hits. Still, they kept after it, chopping and running and putting pressure on the Angela defense, which buckled a couple of times. In the eighth, for instance, an error by third baseman Jack Howell and a passed ball by catcher Darrell Miller led to the Twins’ sixth run.

The bottom line is that the Twins broke out of the slump.

After Anderson’s performance, the AL ERA leader board looks like this:

1. Ted Higuera, MIL 2.40
2. Frank Viola, MIN 2.54
3. Allan Anderson, MIN 2.56


Player of the Game
Allan Anderson

Team Name                        G    W    L    T   PCT    GB    RS   RA
Oakland Athletics              153   98   55    0  .641     -   759  588
Minnesota Twins                153   84   69    0  .549  14.0   713  644
Kansas City Royals             152   80   72    0  .526  17.5   673  612
California Angels              154   75   79    0  .487  23.5   689  724
Texas Rangers                  151   66   85    0  .437  31.0   598  696
Chicago White Sox              151   65   86    0  .430  32.0   596  725
Seattle Mariners               152   63   89    0  .414  34.5   624  706

2 Responses to Game 153: Minnesota Twins (83-69) @ California Angels (75-78)

  1. Beau says:

    “he’s got one, maybe two more times to get out there again.” Tee hee. I know how this story ends :)

  2. Scot says:

    Ah yes, follow our noble hero through his career defining moment: coming soon to Coffeyville Whirlwind.

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