Game 138: Seattle Mariners (55-83) @ Minnesota Twins (77-60)

Tuesday September 6, 1988

Tom Powers took a break from covering the remote division title chances of the Twins to write about a kerfuffle involving Tom Kelly:

Another official scorer has resigned following public criticism by Twins manager Tom Kelly.

Bob Beebe resigned Tuesday morning following published reports of Kelly’s dissatisfaction with a ruling Beebe made in Monday’s game. That made it two official scorers quitting within a week.

“I don’t need to take that kind of crap,” said Beebe, 79. “The job’s not worth it. I’ve been around the game an awful lot of years. And I’ve found one of the sayings over the years to be true. I’ve found that the real big leaguers don’t complain. He (Kelly) is the first manager who has ever squawked or said anything to me.”

Beebe, official scorer for several years, retired after last season and was replaced by Glenn Gostick. But a published report that said Kelly was unhappy with some of Gostick’s decisions led Gostick to resign before the start of the current homestand.

“Life is too short,” Gostick said Tuesday. “I don’t need that. But there were other ways of doing it. It could have been handled a hell of a lot differently. Call me in on the carpet. Don’t settle the thing in the papers.”

Meanwhile, Tom Briere, a retired baseball writer, acted as official scorer Tuesday night. He had strong words in defense of both of his predecessors and some rather unkind words concerning Kelly.

“I think Kelly’s ego is starting to show,” Briere said. “First he wanted to be manager, then he wanted to be official scorer. Next he’ll want (general manager Andy) MacPhail’s job.

“I read Kelly’s quotes. Bob Beebe is eminently more qualified to be the official scorer than Tom Kelly is. Beebe has been official scorer in more games than Kelly has been manager.”

Kelly offered no comment on Beebe’s resignation.

The game went on, and it wasn’t pretty for the Twins.

The season took another turn toward home Tuesday night and Bert Blyleven took another turn for the worse. All the ills common to an otherwise brilliant 19-year career continued to show themselves as the Twins pitcher again failed to stare down an overwhelming season.

Ground balls found holes, fly balls landed just beyond the infield and luck again seemed like a foreign substance. By the time Blyleven slipped out a clubhouse door, the Twins had slipped and fallen behind him.

Seattle took an early lead and the Twins’ offense made sure it stood up in an 8-3 loss before 17,185 at the Metrodome.

Blyleven (9-14) lost his third straight amid boos from some fans and words of encouragement from his teammates. Yet this one had all the familiar characteristics. A two-out bloop single scored two runs and ended Blyleven’s evening in the fifth. That the Twins never mounted a charge, much less a threat, also was fitting to what has become Blyleven’s worst season since he became old enough to drive.

The Twins have averaged 2.92 runs in Blyleven’s 14 losses but those failures have been equally fueled by his 5.36 ERA. And although two of Seattle’s biggest hits barely got out of the infield, the Mariners ran themselves out of at least one more run.

Tom Kelly used the ninth inning of the game to make life harder for the official scorer, and anybody who was keeping score. The ninth inning play-by-play, from Baseball Reference:

Top of the 9th, Mariners Batting, Ahead 6-3, Jim Winn facing 2-3-4
                  Jim Winn replaces German Gonzalez pitching; Dan Gladden moves to 3B; Al Newman moves to SS; John Moses moves to LF; Randy Bush moves to RF
   O      ---  3  M Kingery       Groundout: 1B unassisted
          ---  4  H Cotto         Double to LF (Line Drive to LF-CF)
                  Dan Gladden moves to 2B; Steve Lombardozzi moves to 3B
          -2-  4  A Davis         Intentional Walk
                  Steve Lombardozzi moves to 2B; Dan Gladden moves to 3B
   R      12-  3  S Balboni       Single to LF (Ground Ball thru SS-3B Hole); Cotto Scores; Davis to 2B
                  Dan Gladden moves to 2B; Steve Lombardozzi moves to 3B
   R      12-  1  S Bradley       Double to RF (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Davis Scores; Balboni to 3B
                  Steve Lombardozzi moves to 2B; Dan Gladden moves to 3B
   O      -23  3  M Brantley      Groundout: SS-1B
   O      -23  4  J Presley       Strikeout Swinging
                  2 runs, 3 hits, 0 errors, 2 LOB. Mariners 8, Twins 3.


Player of the Game
Harold Reynolds

Team Name                        G    W    L    T   PCT    GB    RS   RA
Oakland Athletics              139   87   52    0  .626     -   684  534
Minnesota Twins                138   77   61    0  .558   9.5   662  587
Kansas City Royals             138   73   65    0  .529  13.5   614  548
California Angels              139   71   68    0  .511  16.0   638  653
Texas Rangers                  137   61   76    0  .445  25.0   544  636
Chicago White Sox              137   59   78    0  .431  27.0   547  674
Seattle Mariners               139   56   83    0  .403  31.0   578  665

2 Responses to Game 138: Seattle Mariners (55-83) @ Minnesota Twins (77-60)

  1. Beau says:

    Wow. Kelly could really be a dick when he wanted.

  2. Glanzer says:

    Wow, that’s insane. I never heard about that Kelly story either.

    By the way, check out my new Twins blog… a little more off-beat than most.

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