Game 50: Oakland A’s (36-15) @ Minnesota Twins (26-23)

Friday June 3, 1988

The Twins struck early against the best team in baseball, and looked to be in very good shape after Greg Gagne hit a grand slam off of Dave Stewart in the bottom of the second inning that made the score 4-0. Last year, the A’s were 0-7 at the Metrodome, so a four run lead might have meant game over; but this team is different. The 1988 A’s hardly blinked as the scored seven runs over the next two innnings to erase the Twins’ lead and take game one of the series, 8-5.

Jose Canseco’s 456-foot solo home run, his 14th of the season, started the Oakland rally in the third; and Mark McGwire’s sacrifice fly that scored Canseco in the fourth ended the seven-run outburst that came mostly at the expense of Les Straker.

“These guys are human just like the rest of us,” Gary Gaetti said. “But when somebody’s got that kind of a record, you’re always curious to see how they’re doing it.”

-quoted by Tom Powers, Pioneer Press 6/4/1988

Though the Twins have won 10 of their last 12 games, they now sit 10 games behind the A’s.

“Any time a team gets off to a good start it sets the tone for the whole season,” said Herr, who was with St. Louis a year ago when the Cardinals took a 9 1/2-game lead at the All-Star break. “You play out the rest of the season with a lot of confidence. They’ve accomplished that feeling early and they’re obviously playing with a lot of confidence now.”

-quoted by Mark Vancil, Star Tribune 6/4/1988


Player of the Game
Carney Lansford 3-for-5, R, RBI

Team Name                        G    W    L    T   PCT    GB    RS   RA
Oakland Athletics               52   37   15    0  .712     -   286  197
Minnesota Twins                 50   26   24    0  .520  10.0   233  253
Texas Rangers                   52   27   25    0  .519  10.0   209  237
Kansas City Royals              53   25   28    0  .472  12.5   246  219
Seattle Mariners                54   23   31    0  .426  15.0   237  280
Chicago White Sox               51   21   30    0  .412  15.5   200  256
California Angels               53   19   34    0  .358  18.5   223  269

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