The All-Franchise Team 1931-1940

No Walter Johnson on the All-Decade team for the first time in franchise history.

C Rick Ferrell 1937-1940 12.1 WARP3
The veteran came late in the decade but remained one of the best catchers in the league. His career numbers will eventually land him in the Hall of Fame.

1B Joe Kuhel 1931-1937 24.8 WARP3
Kuhel had golden reputation at first base, and was widely considered one of the best at his position. Still, his value came mostly from his bat, particularly in 1933 and 1936.

2B Buddy Myer 1931-1940 58.7 WARP3
Although he fought injury for the last part of the decade, Myer may have been the team’s MVP. His best seasons were 1935 and 1938 (10.7 WARP3 in each).

SS Joe Cronin 1931-1934 39.7 WARP3
Also in contention was Cecil Travis, but he only played four of his seven seasons in the decade at shortstop. Cronin was better in the four seasons he played, so gets the nod.

3B Buddy Lewis 1935-1940 32.0 WARP3
Ossie Bluege had some solid seasons to finish his career, but Buddy Lewis came on stronger at the end of the decade.

LF Heinie Manush 1931-1935 22.9 WARP3
Al Simmons had a couple of decent years, but Manush was more valuable to Washington for longer.

CF Sam West 1931-1932; 1938-1940 21.3 WARP3
Center field was a revolving door most of the decade. West gets the nod because he was there the longest, even though George Case came on strong in 1939 and 1940.

RF John Stone 1934-1938 25.7 WARP3
On of the most underrated players in franchise history.

SP Alvin “General” Crowder 1930-1934 21.5 WARP3
Crowder was the Ace of the 1933 staff.

SP Earl Whitehill 1933-1936 18.7 WARP3
Whitehill was a key addition to the 1933 team.

SP Dutch Leonard 1938-1940 21.9 WARP3
In only three seasons the knuckleballer established himself as the team’s ace late in the decade.


2 Responses to The All-Franchise Team 1931-1940

  1. Are you certain that this photo of a baseball player swinging the bat
    is Rick Ferrell? It doesn’t look like him, but I cannot see details clearly.

    Thank you,
    Kerrie Ferrell
    Rick’s daughter

  2. Scot says:

    I guess I’m not clear as to which picture you are referring to. If you are talking about my avatar (the one attached to this comment), that’s a picture of Sam Rice. As far as I remember I don’t have any Rick Ferrell pictures posted on this blog, but I may be wrong.

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