The “Worldwide Leader in Sports”

I had some rare time to just sit and watch television Sunday afternoon, and I was looking forward to watching some meaningful baseball. I figured that with four teams challenging for two playoff spots in the National League, there would be a pretty good chance that at least one of the meaningful games would be televised; or, even better would be that I could follow them all. I vividly remember watching ESPN on the final day of regular seasons past as they bounced from game to game trying to catch the significant moments.

Instead of televising any baseball on the final day of the regular season, ESPN and ESPN2’s schedules included a reality show, bowling, horse racing, hunting, and fishing. No baseball. ESPNEWS was covering all things NFL, and would occasionally flash a baseball score. There would be no meaningful baseball for me. I flipped between the Twins and a football game instead (though I was pleased to see that the Vikings were wearing throwback uniforms, otherwise known as “what they were wearing last time I cared”).

Incidentally, I was 1-for-6 in pre-season predictions, 1-for-8 if you count Wild Card teams (though I correctly named four of the eight playoff teams). I guess that’s why I write about history, it’s much easier to be right.

With my prognosticating record, I will skip the playoff predictions, but say that my rooting interest currently lies with Philadelphia.

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Roberto Kelly 1964
Jeff Reardon 1955
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3 Responses to The “Worldwide Leader in Sports”

  1. Beau says:

    It is a sad mark on ESPN that they couldn’t be bothered to at least give frequent updates/highlights on the playoff race (perhaps they couldn’t just show the games due to television rights or something). Part of it is that people don’t care as much anymore about who squeaks into the wild card, but baseball is still huge. Just not as huge as football. But wouldn’t that 8th/9th inning of the Colorado game been exciting?

    I’m rootin’ for them. One to reward Helton for his loyalty to the organization, and two because I can’t imagine how hard it is to be a GM for that club, trying to figure out what types of hitters and pitchers will do well in that park and away from it.

    I’d also love to see the Cubs lose a series on a walk-off homer at some point. I don’t mind them, but if the Cubs win it all, it won’t be any fun to watch them suffer anymore.

  2. Scot says:

    I am pretty sure there was something about television rights. ESPN will often show the last couple of innings of any no-hitter during the regular season, but it seemed like they were intentionally avoiding even showing highlights, particularly of the Colorado game which ended during baseball tonight – where the crew simply said “the game in Denver has ended we will get to highlights in a minute” and continued talking about the Mets.

    I blame the NFL.

  3. Beau says:

    That works for me.

    I just remembered that Chris Coste will be in the playoffs. I may have to root for the Phillies now. Hmmm…tough one.

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