Fantasy Football

After a long absence, I have once again joined the ranks of the fantasy football players. It’s a family league that had an opening, so I have very little to lose. Since I don’t really keep up with football, I was happy that Yahoo ranked the players and drafted for me. Here is my team, part of an eight team league:

The Knights Who Say Nee

QB John Kitna, Eli Manning, Chad Pennington

RB Shaun Alexander, Willie Parker, Willis McGahee, Clinton Portis, Julius Jones, DeShaun Foster

WR Larry Fitzgerald, Lee Evans, Donald Driver, Chris Chambers

TE Jeremy Shockey, Randy McMichael

K Jeff Wilkins

DEF Philadelphia, Jacksonville

So that’s the squad. It looks like I start 2 QBs, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 more WR/RB, a K and a DEF each week. Any armchair GM’s out there are welcome to make recommendations. I assume that I need to get another kicker eventually, if nothing else than to cover the bye week.

And, of course, the inspiration for the team name.

I’m gonna be honest and say I am still not sure how closely I will follow the NFL, but at least now I have a reason to – and really that’s more than I can say for the last month of Twins games.

Since there are no real franchise birthdays of note this weekend, I will fill this space with a baby update. He’s almost eight months old and is very close to crawling. Right now he just prefers to use his head rather than his arms, so he’ll end up with some rug burn, but he gets where he wants to go. I think that he’ll probably walk before he masters crawling, as he is already showing a preference towards standing, something he can now do if we prop him up in his play pen or against the coffee table.

This last week we started giving him some meat, in the form of baby food that has the same wonderful aroma as spam (particularly stinky when vomited, but that may be bordering on tmi).

We continue to be thankful that he is healthy, and it looks as though he will be quite tall. Would like him to use his left hand a bit more, but once he is introduced to the baseball bat that will come.


3 Responses to Fantasy Football

  1. Beau says:

    For an eight-team league, your team seems pretty solid except QB. I wouldn’t say any of those guys are in the Top 8 QB’s, though if you can mix and match Kitna and Manning effectively, you may be okay. But you have two great running backs, a good wide receiving crew, and one of the league’s top tight ends and kickers. The nice thing about a small league like that is that the draft matters less, so even if your team isn’t super strong (or injuries happen), you have a bigger waiver wire to nab people up from. I’m usually in a league this size, and it seems to me that only about 33% of success is related to draft (which you did fine in), while a third is weekly picks and a third is waiver wire and trades.

    Do not carry two kickers on your team unless you have to. Predicting which one will do better each week will give you fits and you’ll usually be wrong. If you need to pick one up for just the bye week, do that and then get rid of one of them. If you need to carry two for the playoffs just in case one gets injured, wait to pick up the 2nd one at the trading deadline.

    In fact, carrying two defenses is almost as bad, but I have seen people do it and be decent and predicting which one do better in a given week.

  2. Scot says:

    Thanks for the tips. As a guy who hasn’t gotten into the NFL much in the last five years or so it was encouraging to see some names on my team that I recognize.

    Also, the last time I really got into fantasy football we got our stats from Monday’s newspaper and kept track of our teams in a notebook (and I believe Thurman Thomas was the prized member of my team), so things have changed a bit. The stats and injury reports on the internets should make this a lot easier to get back into.

  3. Beau says:

    Well, Kitna and Manning kicked some butt this weekend. Let’s hope Manning doesn’t stay injured.

    My Dad got me into fantasy football when I was 12. He was in his own league, so my brother and I would follow his players for him. He took 2nd place that year, and his big star was…Thurman Thomas. I loved that guy. He also had Irving Fryar and Michael Irvin, and he rode those three to the playoffs.

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