1954 Attendance Woes

Tuesday September 7, 1954

The Senators had been having trouble drawing crowds all season, but were alightly encouraged after a weekend series with the Yankees drew more than 40,000 fans to Griffith Stadium. The positive feelings, however, were short lived.

When the Yankees left town, the last place Philadelphia A’s came to Washington for a three-game series to be played over two days. The teams split the Monday double header in front of a reported 4,865 fans. A poor showing, but nothing compared with the Tuesday matinée at Griffith Stadium. The Nats beat the A’s 5-4 in front of a paid crowd of 460.

It was the smallest crowd in the history of Griffith Stadium.

Team Vice President Calvin Griffith, adopted son of 84-year old owner Clark Griffith, suggested in The Sporting News that it might be time for a change. The younger Griffith suggested that “vigorous action” needed to be taken to offset dwindling attendance. Griffith later clarified that he was talking about personnel moves, but it is no small coincidence that the team moved west just a few years later.

Born September 6, 1968
Pat Meares
Amazing what you can learn about a player via Google. Apparently, Meares and the Pirates had a bit of a disagreement about how injured he was in 2002. Ultimately, Meares got paid almost $8 million to not play baseball from late 2001 to 2003. There has got to be some kind of award for that.

Born September 6, 1961
Roy Smith
He sure looked good in 1989.

Born September 6, 1896
Paul Zahniser
A member of the 1924 Championship Team.

Born September 6, 1893
Bill Murray
Loved him in Ghostbusters…
Considerably less valuable than the actor, Murray batted .143 in 21 at-bats in 1917.


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