Just some franchise birthdates

Born August 3, 1981
Travis Bowyer
Bowyer was drafted by the Twins in the 20th round of the 1999 draft and got his only major league action as a September call up in 2005. Bowyer had a very good season in 2005 out of the bullpen for Rochester (AAA), and was sent to Florida as part of the trade that brought Luis Castillo to the Twins. According to his page at minorleaguesplits.com (one of my new favorite sites I learned about at SABR 37), Bowyer has not logged any playing time since the trade, and he is not currently on the Marlins’ 40-man roster.

Born August 4, 1975
Eric Milton
Milton came to the Twins in 1998 as part of the Chuck Knoblauch deal. Though he was a huge part of the Twins’ rotation during the get-to-know-’em years, Milton is probably most famous for pitching the frachise’s most recent no-hitter on September 11, 1999. Milton was an All Star selection in 2001, but lost most of his 2003 season to injury, and was traded to Philadelphia prior to the 2004 season in exchange for Carlos Silva and Nick Punto.

Born August 4, 1937
Frank Kostro
Kostro originally came to the Twins in 1964 as part of a three team deal that also netted the Twins Jerry Kindall. Kostro was a utility player who seemed to have been used most often as a pinch-hitter. He stayed with the Twins through 1969. Kostro was a part of the AL Championship team in 1965 and currently lives in Denver. Like Milton, Kostro was born in the state of Pennsylvania.

Born August 4, 1912
Henry Coppola
Coppola pitched in 25 games for the Nationals from 1935-1936.

Born August 5, 1976
Bobby Kielty
Here is my recent analysis of the Kielty for Stewart trade.

Born August 5, 1971
Carlos Pulido
Pulido pitched five innings on August 7, 1994 a few days prior to the player’s strike. Injuries and other factors made it look as though Pulido would be destined to be a career minor league player with only the 2004 season in the majors. On August 29, 2003, nine years and 22 days after his most recent appearance in a major league game, Pulido once again took the mound in relief for the Minnesota Twins. It is the longest gap between true major league service time, only beaten by two players (Minnie Minoso and Satchel Paige) who came back for one-time publicity stunt appearances.

Born August 5, 1937
Bill Pleis
He was a pitcher for the Twins from 1961-1966. Jim Thielman wrote a nice bio on Pleis at the Cool of the Evening website.

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