GOTW: 1993 All Star Game

Tuesday July 13, 1993
Oriole Park at Camden Yards
Baltimore, MD

Coming into the 1993 mid-summer classic, the American League had won six consecutive games. The previous year, the AL won going away thanks to a 3-for-3 performance by MVP Ken Griffey Jr., who also homered in the game.

The lineups for the 1993 game looked like this:

    NL All-Stars                  AL All-Stars                        
1. M Grissom            CF    1. R Alomar             2B
2. B Bonds              LF    2. P Molitor            DH
3. G Sheffield          3B    3. K Griffey            CF
4. J Kruk               1B    4. J Carter             RF
5. B Larkin             SS    5. J Olerud             1B
6. M Grace              DH    6. K Puckett            LF
7. D Justice            RF    7. C Ripken             SS
8. D Daulton            C     8. W Boggs              3B
9. R Sandberg           2B    9. I Rodriguez          C  

   T Mulholland         P        M Langston           P

Early on, it looked as though 1993 might have been the year for the NL to break the streak of losses. Gary Sheffield homered in the first, scoring Barry Bonds to give the NL an early 2-0 lead.

The AL tied the game with solo home runs over the course of the first four innings. The first came off the bat of Kirby Puckett in the second inning, the tying home run from Roberto Alomar in the third.

It was the bottom of the fifth, however, when the AL took the lead for good. After Ivan Rodriguez led off the inning with a double off of John Burkett, Alomar grounded out advancing him to third. With one out, Albert Belle knocked Pudge in with a single, and later scored on a Griffey single. Puckett made the score 5-2 when he doubled to left to send Griffey home. The AL piled on in the sixth scoring three more, including two on John Smoltz wild pitches.

All told, the AL won the game 9-3, and Kirby Puckett was named the All Star Game MVP.

Box and play-by-play

The American League dominance in the All Star Game took a brief hiatus the next year when the National League won in extra innings in 1994, starting a mini-streak of three consecutive wins for the senior circuit. From 1997 on, it has been all American League in All Star play, including wins in the last four games that each “meant something”.

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