The Ballad of Bombo Rivera

by Garrison Keillor and The Powdermilk Biscuit Band
(written by Garrison Keillor)

[Intro] Well here it is, another spring and the Minnesota Twins of 1978. And
I know we all wish that Calvin had traded for a left-handed pitcher to keep
those right-handed hitters from crowding the plate. And I know we were all
sorry to lose that Lyman Bostock and that Larry Hisle. And some folks
talkin’ about not goin’ out to the ballpark as a form of revenge or

But now here comes a fellow who just kinda makes you forget all that has
He’s a guy you’d want to come up to bat with two out in the bottom of the
ninth and the Twins with men on first and third.
Last year for Denver he batted .302 with 95 runs batted in.
Bombo Rivera is his name, and this year he’s a Twin!

Bombo, Bombo
Bombo Rivera
What other guys just hit one of
Bombo, he hits a pair-a!
It takes two to tango and two to mambo
But you can do it all with just one Bombo
Bombo Rivera will carry us to victory!

Well all the men love Bombo
‘Cause he’s a guy who came to play.
And all the women love him
‘Cause his name ends in E-R-A.
You can have apple pie,
You can take my mom
We’re gonna win the flag
‘Cause we’ve got The Bomb.
Bombo Rivera will carry us to victory!

Well we went to the game and we yelled his name
And he tipped his hat and smiled.
The count was 3 and 2, and the pitcher threw
The crowd about went wild!
It was a southpaw pitcher
But the ball went nort’
Up through the hole
Between third and short!
Bombo Rivera will carry us to victory!


Well all the kids love Bombo
‘Cause he plays the game for fun.
And we know that God loves Bombo
‘Cause God loves everyone.
And He loves a guy who waves and laughs
And stays around late to sign the autographs.
Bombo Rivera will carry us to victory!

Well, Mr. Bombo, this Biscuit combo
Plays a whole lot like you.
They swing away, see how loose they play?
But they do what they have to do.
Well here comes the sun
It looks like spring
The Twins just won
And I’ve gotta sing!
Bombo Rivera will carry us to victory!

12 Responses to The Ballad of Bombo Rivera

  1. Andrew Wallin says:

    I love this song. I have the 45 somewhere, but I’m not sure where at. If I get the recording on line, I’ll let you know. or please do the same.

    thanks and GO TWINS!
    Andrew in Seattle

  2. Jesus Bombo Rivera JR says:

    WOW I love that son..The first time I heard that son I cried..I’am so proud to be Bombo Rivera SON…THANKS

  3. Jesus Bombo Rivera JR says:

    Well I have copies of this song….My # 787-432-3901 oy my email is….BOMBO JR..PUERTO RICO.

  4. Jesus Bombo Rivera JR says:

    Hey call me 787-432-3901 or email me at

  5. […] a fan, but you probably weren’t forced to read Lake Wobegon Days in high school), wrote a song called “The Ballad of Bombo Rivera” in the late 1970s.  W.P. Kinsella, in his novel Shoeless Joe (1982)- which was the basis for the […]

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hello everyone…I just recently herad some gode news about my DAD Bombo Rivera, he was rtecently inducted in the immortalized at Target Field with a picture of one of his baseball cards..Thanks to Todd P. Cougling….
    My new # 787-298-7948..
    God Bless Everyone..
    I hpoe I hear from you’ll soon..

  7. […] 3) Bombo Rivera was a mediocre but popular outfielder for the Twins. His popularity derived mainly from his cool sounding name. A song was even written about him. Here is a link to the lyrics, […]

  8. Andrew Wallin says:

    My brother finally found my Bombo Rivera record back in Minnesota and will digitize a copy this summer when I get back there. Who would like a copy?

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