The “Get to Know ‘Ems” in 2007

After almost a decade of losing, the Twins’ fortunes finally turned in 2001. In Tom Kelly’s final season as manager, a group of players that had, for the most part, done their time together in the minors broke out at the same time and made a run at the division title. The Twins have been contenders ever since, but the 2007 team hardly resembles that first group that played under the marketing slogan “Get to know ’em”.

Slowly, that group of players from 2001 went their separate ways. All the while, fans and media lamented the small-market nature of the Twins Cities, and at times blasted management for letting the stars get away.

Seth Stohs at does a great job keeping track of former Twins in the majors, and in his most recent update, I noticed something. Here is a typical lineup from 2001-2002, with a 2007 update.

1. Jacque Jones LF – .280/.347/.283 (Cubs)
2. Cristian Guzman SS – .143/.200/.143 (Nationals)
3. Corey Koskie 3B – no stats – DL (Brewers)
4. David Ortiz DH – .311/.425/.623 (Red Sox)
5. Torii Hunter CF – .339/.373/.619 (Twins)
6. Doug Mientkiewicz 1B – .230/.293/.392 (Yankees)
7. A.J. Pierzynski C – .228/.284/.426 (White Sox)
8. Bobby Kielty RF – .174/.259/.217 (A’s)
9. Luis Rivas 2B – .286/.330/.438 (Buffalo AAA)

SP. Brad Radke – retired
SP. Eric Milton – 0-4 5.17 ERA (Reds)
SP. Mark Redman – 0-4 10.62 (Braves)
SP. Joe Mays – 1-2 4.58 (Las Vegas AAA)
SP. Kyle Lohse – 1-3 3.21 (Reds)

RP. LaTroy Hawkins – 0-3 8.59 (Rockies)
RP. J.C. Romero – 0-0 3.86 (Red Sox)
RP. Eddie Guardado – no stats – DL (Reds)

There are a few exceptions (Ortiz being the major one), but who would trade the current lineup for this?

Most glaring to me is the starting pitching. Mays, Milton, Redman, and Lohse were supposed to be a great starting staff for years to come.

4 Responses to The “Get to Know ‘Ems” in 2007

  1. Beau says:

    Yeah, other than Ortiz, no trades or releases Ryan has made have been regrettable. I thought Kielty for Stewart would bomb, but it worked out well for the most part. Well, the long-term contract for Mays hurt us pretty bad, too. But I think our GM came out well in the black.

  2. Scot says:

    In regards to the Ortiz release, it is very easy, in hindsight, to say that it was a bad move; but few were saying that when it actually went down.

    Now it looks awful, but at the time it seemed reasonable to unload an injury prone slugger who didn’t seem to be slugging.

    Of course, the Twins would be happy to have Ortiz now, even if he did revert back to his pre-Red Sox form.

  3. Mike says:

    I agree with Scot. I will add that the decision to waste time and money on Sidney Ponson was a head-scratcher.

  4. I find it fun to put together teams of former Twins each season and follow their progress. Sadly, none would ever get me a high ranking in a fantasy baseball league. The formers always come up short in some category or another.

    But, for years, the leagues were ehavily populated by former catchers from the Twins…which will shrink considerably as the Twins have a foundation in Mauer. But for the past 20 years, they revolved a lot of guys in front of the umpire that went onto long and stellar careers as backups for other teams.

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