The All-Franchise Team 1911-1920

C John Henry 1911-1918 21.9 WARP3
Henry makes this team based on his defense. His defense stood out in an era where catcher defense was a commodity, and he caught Walter Johnson during his finest seasons.

1B Joe Judge 1915-1920 22.9 WARP3
Judge struggled a bit out of the gate, but by the end of the decade he was a solid player at first base. Just edged out his predecessor at first base, Chick Gandil. Judge will be a regular through the 1930’s.

2B Ray Morgan 1911-1918 19.6 WARP3
It’s not the Morgan had such a great decade, he just held the second base position for so long there weren’t any other candidates.

SS George McBride 1911-1916 26.1 WARP3
41, 50, 50, 54, 43, and 53. That was McBride’s FRAR from 1911-1916, when he was the best fielding short stop in baseball.

3B Eddie Foster 1912-1919 35.4 WARP3
He didn’t have any seasons that really stood out, but was a solid player for the bulk of the decade, and the only real choice at third.

LF Mike Menosky 1916-1919 7.6 WARP3
He only played regularly for two seasons, but he was a run producer for a team that had precious few, and makes this team based on the strength of those two seasons.

CF Clyde Milan 1911-1920 40.9 WARP3
Milan was the only center fielder Washington had for most of the decade, and he was the only one the team needed. His peak seasons came at the beginning of the decade.

RF Sam Rice 1915-1920 23.0 WARP3
Rice was another player from whom the Nationals would get production for many years to come.

P Walter Johnson 1911-1920 130.5 WARP3
The best years of Walter Johnson’s career came during this decade. Even at his worst, towards the end of the decade, Johnson was among the best in the league.

P Jim Shaw 1913-1920 26.8 WARP3
Aside from Walter Johnson, Shaw was the most consistent pitcher over the decade.

P Harry Harper 1913-1919 13.5 WARP3
Harper’s inclusion on this team demonstrates a decade-long lack of depth behind the ace.

P Doc Ayers 1913-1919 15.4 WARP3
After starting most of his games in 1913 and 1914, Ayers was moved to the bullpen by Clark Griffith. He was one of the first versions of the bullpen ace.


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