Game 118: Seattle Mariners (56-59) @ Minnesota Twins (63-54)

Saturday August 15, 1987

Twins 14, Mariners 4

The Twins put on an unearned run scoring clinic, putting up eight runs in the bottom of the first inning.

It was one of those occasions where the boxscore numbers just didn’t seem to lineup. Here is the play-by-play from Retrosheet:

TWINS 1ST: Gladden reached on an error by Brantley [Gladden to
second]; Lombardozzi grounded out (shortstop to first); Gaetti
singled to left [Gladden scored (unearned)]; Brunansky doubled
to right [Gaetti to third]; Larkin walked; Hrbek was called out
on strikes; Laudner singled to center [Gaetti scored (unearned),
Brunansky scored (unearned), Larkin to third]; Gagne tripled to
center [Larkin scored (unearned), Laudner scored (unearned),
Gagne scored (error by S. Bradley) (unearned) (no RBI)]; BROWN
REPLACED GUETTERMAN (PITCHING); Davidson doubled to left;
Gladden singled to left [Davidson scored (unearned, but earned
for the pitcher)]; Gladden stole second; Lombardozzi doubled to
center [Gladden scored (unearned, but earned for the pitcher)];
Gaetti flied out to center; 8 R (2 ER), 7 H, 2 E, 1 LOB. 
Mariners 1, Twins 8.

When Mike Brown came in with two outs to try and mop up the situation, he came with essentially a clean slate. The bases were clear and the Twins had already scored six runs (all unearned) on the starting pitcher Lee Guetterman. Because of the error earlier in the inning, and the fact that there were two outs, the two runs Brown surrendered counted as earned runs on his personal statistics, but not for the team.

In other words, the total earned runs allowed by Seattle pitchers at the end of the game was eight, but the team allowed only six earned runs.

The runs were welcome in whatever form they came in for the Twins, particularly for starter Roy Smith who earned his first ML victory since August 1, 1985 with the Indians.

Tom Brunansky, Kent Hrbek, and Gary Gaetti all homered once the game was already out of hand. Hrbek’s shot was his 30th of the season.

Player of the Game
Greg Gagne 2-4, 1st inning triple, 2 RBI

AL West Standings through 8/15 (Retrosheet)

Team Name                        G    W    L    T   PCT    GB    RS   RA
Minnesota Twins                118   64   54    0  .542     -   599  593
Oakland Athletics              116   59   57    0  .509   4.0   603  558
California Angels              117   59   58    0  .504   4.5   562  578
Kansas City Royals             116   58   58    0  .500   5.0   489  477
Seattle Mariners               116   56   60    0  .483   7.0   545  603
Texas Rangers                  115   55   60    0  .478   7.5   626  621
Chicago White Sox              115   47   68    0  .409  15.5   516  552

Tomorrow vs Mariners: Frank Viola (L) 13-7 2.90 vs Mike Moore 5-14 5.05
Monday vs Mariners
Tuesday-Thursday @ DET
Friday-Sunday @ BOS
8/24-8/26 vs DET

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