Monday Links

It seems to be par for the course in blogland to do some sort of a link dump at the end of the week. Since we are all about innovation at CW, I present links on a Monday morning.

Being a new father, I have found that I have a combination of more time to surf the internet with less creative energy to post on my own blog. Thus, a tour of frequently visted sites/posts in the last week and a half.

Through SBG, I was re-introduced to Seth Speaks; specifically a Q&A with Twins Scouting Director Mike Radcliffe. I also learned from a note at Seth Speaks that former Twin Tim Tuefel is the new manager of the Savannah Sand Gnats, which is notable for me only because I attended a Gnats’ game at Grayson Stadium a few summers ago.

Blake at has been adding new features seemingly on a daily basis, including a roster section where you can view the cards by year (1987 here), and a dream team feature where you can create your own team from his collection of cards.

Matthew LeCroy’s minor league deal with the Twins was little more than a footnote in the local dailies, but it was a significantly bigger story for one Twins blogger (make sure to read his shirt).

I have found myself making a regular trip to Fire Joe Morgan, a blog devoted to the stupidity of sports media, particularly baseball writers. I found the critiques of some writers’ Hall of Fame ballots particularly enlightening.

Aaron Gleeman resumed his “Top 40 Minnesota Twins” series with #22 Zoilo Versalles, including a discussion of the merits of his 1965 MVP award. An interesting series and a great read.

Through the Hardball Times, I found this dialogue between Dan Fox and Will Carroll on the merits of WPA as a tool to measure player production and clutch (I still cringe every time I write that word).

From the “not-baseball” world, the 2008 Presidential campaign seems to have begun in earnest already. Baseball Crank weighs in with an early endorsement.

I may have linked to this before, but it cracks me up. I haven’t really gotten into fantasy sports since I was in seventh grade (unless you count Diamond Mind), but if I ever do again, this may be where I start.

I found my favorite Monty Python skit at youtube, just adding to my admiration for the movie-sharing site.

As I write this, the Super Bowl has yet to kick off. Of note this year is it will be Micah’s first, and my first chance to watch the game with my son. I will have to explain to him that this is football, meaning it is a nice way to kill time in the offseason; and, though American sports culture tells us differently, championship games (and series) are just as subject to random chance as any regular season game, so the winner is more likely not to be the best team in the league, and Peyton Manning’s success or lack therof is no more an indicator of his greatness than the same result in any isolated game in September.

Mostly we will eat a lot and enjoy.


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