Insomnia and the Statue of Liberty

I had a significant amount of trouble sleeping Monday night, a problem I am not usually accustomed to. One of the benefits of the temporary (hopefully) insomnia is that I got to see the entire fourth quarter and overtime of the Boise State-Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl game.

Although I think the “best game ever” label is excessive (I would like to see some defense before calling it the best ever), it was an entertaining way to spend the sleepless hours before my early return to work the following morning. I got to see a hook-and-ladder, a statue of liberty play, and a guy running off the field to propose to his girlfriend immediately after scoring the winning 2-point conversion.

The game didn’t end until about 12:15 AM central time, roughly five hours after it began (for my taste, the best game ever would be three hours long or less- 3:15 including overtime, and would end prior to 10:00 PM). While I feel somewhat fortunate that I saw the end, I was paying for it yesterday.

And no, running the clock after changes of possession is not a good way to speed up the game.


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