Some Complaints

1. Three years ago, when I first became a member of SABR, I found that one of the perks of membership was remote access to ProQuest Historical Newspapers. At the time, that included archives of the New York Times, Washington Post, and Chicago Tribune dating back to 1849 (since then several other papers have been added). The fact that I had access to this great database with no real project to research is one of the reasons that I started this blog.

I was informed via email a few months ago that as of January 2007 ProQuest will no longer be available for SABR members. The reason given was something along the lines of ProQuest wanting to focus more on being a library research tool.

While I am holding out hope that one of the other angry SABR-L contributors (with more name recognition than I) will be able to convince ProQuest to allow the SABR subscription to continue, I am also scoping out other alternatives. Unfortunately, all of the libraries within a reasonable driving distance only allow access to the historic New York Times, with other newspapers available only back through the mid-1980’s.

If anyone has any ideas, particularly in regards to the Washington Post, I am all ears.

In the meantime, I will try to squeeze in a few more franchise season capsules before my main source for non-statistical information is gone.

2. This weekend I will be entertaining the Sears treadmill repairman in my home for the 11th time since the treadmill was purchased in February. While I am quite happy that the Protection Agreement we purchased has more than paid for itself (we estimate the total of parts and labor so far would exceed $2000), it has become tiresome to go through this ordeal every month-particularly since each visit costs either Emily or myself at least a half day.

3. I will be sending a good-sized check to the county for Christmas to thank the nice officer who decided to celebrate the holidays by turning on his lights behind me the other day. I was hoping the fact that I have never so much as been pulled over before might be working in my favor, but I guess the county needs some more money to make the year-end budget.

4. I must have blinked and missed the fall. In the span of three days we went from a high of 55 to windchills below zero.

An now three positives, for the sake of balance:

1. Today is due date minus 62 and both mother and baby are doing well. His due date is the same weekend as the Super Bowl. If Sunday is his first day home he will be treated to 1991 World Series video rather than football that day.

2. Over Thanksgiving Emily and I were among 29 other family members gathered in Omaha. Baby makes 32 for Thanksgiving 2007.

3. Shortly after the baby comes, pitchers and catchers report.


One Response to Some Complaints

  1. Keith says:

    Here’s a batch of old newspapers from small town America you can search. For example, here’s an interesting item from the Rock Rapids Review, Aug 1916 regarding the Luverne Baseball Club’s new pitcher:*,z*&qt=i&zpage=03&zd=3&zm=August&zy=1916&highlight=baseball#centerapplet

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