Just when I was starting to like the Tigers…

They go and do this.

This is wrong on so may levels. To name a few:

1. They got rid of Dmitri Young, presumably because he wasn’t a good clubhouse guy. Now they bring in Mr. Sheffield who isn’t exactly a poster boy for good behavior. One of the reasons I was pulling for the Tigers in their 2006 run was that they didn’t have anybody I wanted to root against. Now they do, big time.

2. More importantly, sending the Yankees three pitching prospects for an aging, no-defense slugger is a winning situation for the Yankees. While Sheffield will become bigger question mark the closer he gets to the 2010 expiration of the new contract the Tigers signed him to, the Yankees will be sitting pretty with three decent prospects where they previously had next to nothing. Whether they choose to develop the talent for the Yankees or trade them for veterans mid-season (odds are on the latter), the fact is they are in a much better position with pitching now, and all they had to do was unload a guy they didn’t want in the first place.

I am not a fan of this move.

In happier weekend news, the Gopher wrestling season has started off well. They are ranked number one and looked it at the Bison Open, taking eight of ten titles. The Gophers are doing it without junior standout Mack Reiter, who is out with a knee injury. True, the competition isn’t the greatest in the season opening tournament, but it is still a great way to start.


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