Signs that Baseball Season is Coming to an End

(Aside from the obvious)

-My drive-time radio “play-list” expands. During the season, I will generally surf through a few stations in order to find baseball talk. That failing, I will often just leave the radio on KFAN in case they decide to throw in some baseball in between Vikings draft coverage. During the off season, I am more likely to be listening to public radio or the local talk station (particularly during Vikings season).

Interestingly, fall is also pledge drive time for MPR. If I didn’t know better, I would think that all they do is ask for money.

-I can’t watch television or listen to the radio without being inundated by political ads. This year seems to be particularly nasty, but I seem to remember feeling that way every two years. There are at least two local candidates, one from each party, who would be on my “no vote” list, even if I knew nothing else about them, based on their respective television spots alone. It’s a shame, because I don’t hold their opponents in particularly high esteem either. It’s enough to make one consider voting independent…(ex pro-wrestlers excluded).

-CW posting either becomes A) less frequent or B) less about baseball, or C) some combination of the two (Hot Stove 1987 notwithstanding). I may also post some meaningless milestones, such as the fact that CW is now a year old, the most viewed posts are here and here (in that order), and you may or may not have found this blog by typing one of the following into a search engine:

when did jackie robinson join the twins
elysian geek history definition
Jeter playoffs all that matter
momentum sports cliche
naked baseball player (I’m guessing that you didn’t find what you were looking for)
eric stampfl

-For Emily, hockey season becomes an interest. I try to keep up with the Wild so as to hold up my end of the conversation, but I think she primarily enjoys the checking. When we were in college, we played on the same broomball team; it was on those rinks in the frigid Minnesota January where she developed her love for playing dirty, particularly earning a reputation for diving at the opponent’s knees. She never played hockey (not a popular sport where she comes from), but would likely have been the female equivalent of a hockey goon if she had.

(I ran the above paragraph by my editor who proposed the following changes:
1. There is a difference between “diving at knees” and “swinging brooms at people’s knees”
2. I only played as dirty as half of the guys did-they just didn’t want to check a girl
3. What is a hockey goon?)

-I pick up on some of my other strange hobbies, like voting for my favorite Supreme Court Justice (he didn’t win) or throwing the ball so that my dog will be forced to slide on the hardwood floor (there really isn’t anything more amusing than watching him try and navigate corners on hard floors).

-I may even finish the book I started back in April (Note to Dad: I still have it, about 2/3 of the way through it).


2 Responses to Signs that Baseball Season is Coming to an End

  1. Eric Swan says:

    I didn’t realize you enjoyed cooking!! ;)

  2. Scot says:

    I mostly picked that up in the last couple of years.

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