A Sure Sign of Spring and Other Thoughts

My season tickets arrived in the mail yesterday. This confirms that the baseball season will, in fact, begin very shortly.

Ah yes, a novelty box full of passes to sit in a plastic bubble, purchase overpriced food, and watch political advertisements for a new stadium in between innings (because a good Twins fan who plucks down the cash to watch a game in the dome needs to be constantly reminded how much he or she is getting ripped off because baseball is “meant to be played outdoors”).

But it’s baseball, so I forget all of that in anticipation of a new season-one in which I will hopefully see some more offense from the home team.

On to some other items…

So Alfonso Soriano decided to play left field after all.

As I followed this story throughout the week I was struck with a strange sense of deja vu. I think I have placed it.

Everybody wanted to pitch in the backyard wiffle games of my youth, and quite often, one of us would quit because he was chosen to play left field instead.

The difference: we were 10 year-olds playing wiffle ball in the backyard. Good grief. I was waiting for Soriano to take the bat with him so the others couldn’t play either.

It seems that Prince is in some trouble for his love of purple. I’m not quite certain what Carlos Boozer expected. I mean, he rented his house to Prince. If purple stripes on the exterior are the worst thing you are dealing with, I think you are in pretty good shape.


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