Name those Presidents

prz_wt.jpg1. He was the first President to throw a ceremonial first pitch.

050613_bush_babe.jpg2. Before he became president, he was captain of his college baseball team, shown here meeting with Babe Ruth.
050613_ford.jpg3. This future president is discussing strategy at the annual Republican-Democrat baseball game. (Bonus points if you can name the man on the right).

prz_rr2.jpg4. He wasn’t a ballplayer, but he played one in the movies.

2 Responses to Name those Presidents

  1. pete says:

    Man, that’s a tough one…well, except for #4: Ronald Reagan. (I hear he also played the president of the United States, too…oooh!)

  2. Scot says:

    I noticed as I was looking these over that all of the presidents in the quiz are “righties”. This was not intentional, though maybe it indicates some CW political bias.

    In an attempt to give each party equal time, I have tried to track down some quiz worthy pictures of Democrats. Unfortunately the presidents in each of those pictures are too easily identifiable. The search continues…

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