And Now for Something Completely Different…(Random Non-Baseball Related Thoughts from this Past Week)

The genius of this blog (and no, I am not afraid to use the word “genius”) is that the author has set it up in such a way that when baseball is not providing enough writing ammo, he can venture elsewhere for his material (note the tagline at the top).

In any event, it is unlikely that this deviation of topic will offend anyone. Nine out of ten Coffeyville Whirlwind readers (or, perhaps 4/5 is a ratio that more accurately reflects the actual number of regular readers) are relatives who have made it clear that they prefer the non-baseball posts.

I divide my work time between five or six different sites throughout the East Metro. While some may choose to use music to fill their transportation time, I have become a connoisseur of talk radio.

The bulk of the last four years has found my dial tuned to 1130 KFAN, a sports radio station that prides itself on its lack of sports coverage, particularly in the afternoon hours. Increasingly I have ventured to MPR during the morning hours (during the time when KFAN is actually a sports station and Vikings talk dominates).

There is a new player this week, as the local smooth jazz station has now transformed into a talk station (KTLK 100.3). The flagship of the new station is Rush Limbaugh from 11-1, but what I am most intrigued by is the local programming during the morning. I haven’t heard much yet (the station just launched on Monday), but so far I like the different perspectives that I hear, particularly from Pat Kessler (a frequent guest on KFAN, now he has his own show).

The top of the hour news on KTLK is provided by Fox News, and I find it funny that I am reminded how fair and balanced Fox News is every hour on the hour. I haven’t had any particular problems with the way the news is reported, I just can’t help but wonder who they are trying to convince.

During my break I stumbled upon an interesting study of media bias (a decent summary can be found here). There were a few curious findings (I did a double take on the findings about public television and radio), but for the most part it seems to confirm my suspicions. While the fair and balanced tag can get annoying, Fox News has as much right to the claim as the major network news does. From the UCLA news article linked above:

The fourth most centrist outlet was “Special Report With Brit Hume” on Fox News, which often is cited by liberals as an egregious example of a right-wing outlet. While this news program proved to be right of center, the study found ABC’s “World News Tonight” and NBC’s “Nightly News” to be left of center. All three outlets were approximately equidistant from the center, the report found.

I’m not a big conspiracy theorist, so I am more apt to chalk up media bias as human error than some. Still, I think its good to keep in mind what slant a particular news outlet may have (and to keep in mind what slant a particular pair of researchers may have when studying media bias).

Other interesting items:
Christianity Today posted a review of Brokeback Mountain. That in and of itself is newsworthy, but what is more interesting is the feedback from several of the readers. I haven’t seen the film, but it can’t possibly be as entertaining as some of the comments are.


One Response to And Now for Something Completely Different…(Random Non-Baseball Related Thoughts from this Past Week)

  1. NJJ, St.Paul says:

    Maybe your readers don’t necessarily like non-baseball topics more…maybe they just don’t quite know enough about the finer points of baseball to sound intelligent when making comments, so they don’t.

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