CW Year End Awards 2005

UPDATED***1/1/06- I thought I should explain the choices a bit.

Favorite Television Drama: Six Feet Under
I caught onto this show late in its run, and of course, 2005 is the last season. Thanks to the wonder of digital cable and DVD technology, I have slowly been working my way through past episodes. The show is very well written, well acted, and it asks questions about subjects that American culture does not deal with (including, but not exclusive to, death and dying).

Favorite Television Comedy: Arrested Development
I also just caught onto this show recently. Hilarious.

Favorite Movie: Crash
This may not really be a fair category because I so rarely go to movies. I will see most of the 2005 movies sometime in 2006. I did see Crash a few months ago, and it narrowly beat out Broken Flowers and Revenge of the Sith.

Favorite Animal: Otis
The greatest dog ever.

Favorite Animal, Non-Otis: Liger

Game of the Year: Tuesday August 23, 2005: Twins 1, White Sox 0
I was not at this game, but did manage to see the whole thing with Dick and Bert. I even kept score (long story, I don’t usually keep score for television games, but I was trying out a new system). This game had everything except a lot of offense, which is fine by me.

Favorite Vacation Spot: Hilton Head (See Also: Only Vacation Spot)
If I go back, however, it will not be in July. The heat index was 100+ every day of our trip. Too hot to golf, so we spent much of our time touring local eating establishments.

Favorite Restaurant (Vacation): Kenny B’s French Quarter Cafe (Hilton Head, SC)

Favorite Blog (Non-Baseball): Purgatorio
Proves that you can present important theological questions without using too many words. It is also fun to try and find some of my parents old gospel vinyl records and to take the tests to determine if I am Emergent, Calvinist, etc.

Favorite Book Read in 2005, Not Necessarily Published in 2005: Stiff
I am still deciding if I want to donate my body to science or not. It seems like a good idea, unless they use my head to practice face lifts.

Favorite Non-Baseball Team: Golden Gopher Wrestling
You have to go out of your way to follow the team, but they have been, for the past several years, a consistently good team. The 2005-2006 squad is young, and unlike athletes in football or basketball, will stick around for a while to make for an exciting couple of years.

Favorite Website to Waste Time At: Retrosheet

Favorite Non-Baseball Pastime: Ring of Honor
Yes, as much as I don’t want to admit it, I still hold on to my childhood interest in wrasslin’. I have, thankfully, grown out of the garbage on tv. I have to order DVDs on the internet to see the good stuff.

Best New Recipe: Chicken Cacciatore
I am still working on perfecting this, but each attempt has been great so far. Works especially well with the wife’s garlic mashed potatoes.

Worst Use of Blogspace: Phony Year End Awards

Most Ironic Spell Check Error:’s spell check does not allow the word “blog”


One Response to CW Year End Awards 2005

  1. marc says:

    Thanks for the Honor Scot! I’ll have to look at doing a baseball post soon on PURGATORIO.

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