Holiday Complaints

In the past several days there has been increasing coverage of the so called “war on Christmas”.

The most recent battle seems to be taking place at the White House. More specifically, this battle is being waged over cards: 1.4 million that have been sent to President Bush’s closest friends. Apparently some of his closest friends were offended. The problem: each card wishes the recipient “Happy Holidays”. As if that weren’t enough to get the blood boiling, the picture featured on the front of each card is of Bush’s dogs playing in the snow, with nary a religious message to be found.

There is a similar anger being expressed towards retailers. Groups are organizing boycotts of places like Target, which has left the word “Christmas” out of its advertising this year (Let me get this straight: if Target had attached a picture of baby Jesus to its advertising for the new X-Box, that would be the proper way to celebrate Christmas?).

I appreciate the common sense movement that wants to call a Christmas tree a Christmas tree, but there is a point where this can go too far. The religious aspects of Christmas are important to me and my family, but I fail to see how the White House Holiday Card and the secular Target ad insert threatens the holiday that I celebrate.

I’m just upset that I wasn’t on the list of 1.4 million. I gave $5 to the RNC when I was in high school. I think that is worthy of a card.


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