This is Otis. He’s in charge at my house. He’ll let you know that if you ever visit.

I just spent 40 dollars to have him groomed for Thanksgiving. For a frame a reference, I have spent about 20 dollars total on my own hair since the turn of the century.

Each year, the Twins are kind enough to give me a pair of bobblehead dolls-no doubt a bribe to keep me from complaining too much about the rising prices of my seats (Did I mention they have gone up $7 per seat in the last 4 years?). I keep my collection of Twins bobbleheads on a ledge in the basement. The other day Otis managed to climb onto the ledge and remove bobble Doug Mientkiewicz’s head. Apparently Otis doesn’t like light hitting first basemen (He passed bobbles Walter Johnson, Kirby Puckett, and Rod Carew to get to Mientkiewicz).


2 Responses to Otis

  1. NJ, St. Paul says:

    That is, without question, the cutest dog I have ever seen! (Is he for sale?)

  2. chase says:

    I came across this sight looking for bobbleheads. If you have any doubles you would be interested in selling, me and my son would like to here from you thanks. Tyler and Chase rentme21@hotmail.com

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